An honest review of the Surface Pro 3

I bought a Surface Pro 3 in November 2014, I haven’t wrote anything at all about my thoughts on it since purchasing it, I figured it was better to wait until I had actually been using it for a significant amount of time and give it an honest review. A year and a half I figure to be more than enough time. 😛

So this post is going to be structured in the following way, condensed Pro/Cons. for you speed readers and then just my personal thoughts on things I’ve come across while using the device.

Why I Love Blacknight!

Blacknight haven’t gotten their deserved mention here at all I noticed today, for any of you who are unfamiliar Blacknight are a web hosting company based in Carlow. I myself have been using Blacknight for over a year and a half. [Finally every one of my domains is on Blacknight instead of across multiple register’s!]

But this post isn’t to point out how many domain names I have registered with Blacknight, it is to point out what an amazing hosting company they are, so in a randomly ordered list this is why I love Blacknight;

  1. Great offers on domains every week, monthly offers are usually emailed to you.. real money saving stuff! 😉
  2. They accept laser card payments, as we hate having to use the expensive credit card!
  3. Their hosting is 100% reliable, most hosts tell you they have 99.8% uptime, and then they go up and down constantly, not Blacknight I actually cannot remember a single day where any of my sites went offline for even a half hour. 😀
  4. Cheaper than the majority of hosts, Blacknight’s lowest package starts at €5  a month, you’d really struggle to find a host that well priced!
  5. Amazing support; I’ve emailed Blacknight with hosting queries on multiple occasions and they are always extremely quick to get back to you with an answer, calling them is even better and you don’t have to worry about waiting with 1850[callsave].
  6. A great backup vault that takes care of backups for you, because we all know what happens when you don’t have backups! 😉
  7. Multiple websites on one package, the reason I originally moved to Servage hosting, if you do web design or just have a lot of websites this is seriously the most money saving feature you can find on a web host.
  8. VPS’s start at €16 a month, I have yet to upgrade my package to a VPS, I  see myself doing it in future especially with the low starting price of €16 a month!

So overall, thank you Blacknight for being such a great host and to everybody else out there hosting websites if your not using Blacknight, check them out!

The Sony Ericsson Elm


So I’ve finally gotten a new phone, the Sony Ericsson Elm which is a part of Sony Ericsson’s “Greenheart” family. So far I’ve been using the phone a week I am extremely pleased with it. It’s made from recycled plastics and is free from hazardous chemicals – and comes with a low power consumption charger, reduced packaging, some eco-aware apps and an e-manual on the phone instead of a printed guide.

It also comes with built in Wi-Fi and A-GPS technology, HSPA high-speed mobile network data capability, a 5-megapixel camera and a full of multimedia features. Measuring up at 110 x 45 x 14mm at its thickest, and weighing 90g, the Elm feels slim in-hand and pretty lightweight.

The buttons are familiar to Sony Ericsson’s, with a rectangular central navigation D-pad surrounded by more comfortably curved buttons. Although it comes with decent music player software, Sony Ericsson hasn’t built in a standard 3.5mm headphone socket on this model, relying on its Sony Ericsson multi-connector socket on the side. A camera button is included on the side, along with volume keys, while the camera lens on the back panel is accompanied by a small LED flash.

The home screen has a simple widget system, currently allowing a Facebook app, a calendar app and the Sony Ericsson Walk Mate Eco pedometer application. Once selected, these sit on the home screen, and you can switch between them, so you can see regular updates from whichever of the widgets you use.

Email set up and usage is also a now-familiar routine. An email wizard enables you to get started with email by adding just a few details – name, email address, username and password. Settings are downloaded automatically if you’re using popular POP3/IMAP4 email account, and messages from your regular accounts are downloaded to the inbox.

The Elm is powered by a 1000mAh lithium-polymer battery that Sony Ericsson claims can deliver up to 446 hours of standby time or four hours of calls on 3G networks (or 430 hours’ standby or 10 hours’ calls in GSM-only coverage). However if you have WI-FI constantly on like myself you’ll notice the battery last’s about a day and a half. [Not bad considering]

Among the more eye-catching of the other applications pre-loaded onto the Elm are applications that use the onboard A-GPS satellite positioning gadgetry, plus a selection of applications that emphasise the green message behind Sony Ericsson’s “Greenheart” initiative. Google Maps also comes pre-built into the phone and supports street and satellite viewing. Other applications included are Youtube, Accuweather, EcoMate, Neoreader and Wisepilot.

Overall I love this phone, the camera is great and really I’ve just been searching for an affordable phone with WI-FI for quiet a while, this fits that need. The built in browser isn’t amazing but you can fix that by downloading Opera Mini.

Finally the cost I hear you ask? Well I picked it up on o2 pre-pay for €169, I’ve tried to check other provider’s websites for it, Vodafone do not seem to carry the model and the meteor store seems extremely broke at the minute! I’ll update here if that changes!