About Me

I’m originally from Ireland and currently working as a Lead Engineer at Kobas¬†in London, England. At Kobas my days involve improving our EPoS and API & Cloud systems. I also seem to spend a lot of time wrestling with integrating PDQ machines and dealing with the many complicated bugs that come up in a system of our size. I can tell you all about stock + tax. ūüėÄ

Previous to being in London I spent two years in Vancouver in Canada the majority of that working at¬†the University of British Columbia, helping to¬†create & launch¬†Open Collections.¬†I love talking about Open Collections, especially it’s powerful API¬†which I’ve wrote most of the documentation for. I’ve talked at Code4LibBC and Pixelating Sessions¬†about using the Open Collections API to do Full Text Analysis.

Outside of work I actually enjoy doing more programming (insane I know), lately I’ve been building a wine database tool using Python & D3, it’s a project I expect to finish and do some blog posts on so watch this space.¬†Other times you’ll find me playing with C# in Unity, trying to improve PHP open-source projects, optimising servers and just playing around with API’s. I use Github for all¬†the things I possibly can, I really don’t believe code should be locked away and hidden but¬†try tell that to a customer. ūüėÄ I also like to play poker and Starcraft and a collection of other video games.

When I’m not doing any of that, you’ll probably find me in a downtown either in a lounge¬†pretending to be pretentious while drinking wine or in the middle of a pub-crawl drinking lots of beer. #justIrishThings. #blameJoshForTheWine.