E3 – Xbox Game Trailers

So since E3 started on Sunday videos are finally online of some of the games we have to look forward to this year.

Starting with Halo Reach. I’ve already done a post on this so not much need’s to be said.. I felt complete sadness when the beta was ripped away from me!


Next, Medal of Honor. Looking forward to this one myself I have to say! This one is the multiplayer trailer.


And this one is the campaign trailer.


A surprising one for most of us I think as this had been well kept in the dark, a new Metal Gear Solid “Rising” . Looks the business, as we’ve come to expect from the Metal Gear Solid series! 😉


The much discussed Black Ops revealed a new trailer at E3 as well. I actually will not be buying this if they don’t sort out the JTAGer’s on Xbox. The leader boards in Modern Warfare 2 just being completely hacked and ALL THE GLITCHES has really turned me off COD. Get dedicated servers Infinity Ward! God knows you can afford them!


Keeping favourites for last, Fable III. I honestly cannot wait for this game to come out in September. It’s one of those games you just can’t put down until your complete.

Halo Reach – Beta Release Monday


So it seems like we’ve been counting down the days to the Halo Reach beta forever, yet here we are, it’s out tomorrow!
Not been following the news? Here’s what to expect from Halo Reach;

  • Reach will NOT follow the book, Fall of Reach.
  • We play as Spartan IIIs. Jorge is the only Spartan II on the team, and as a result is larger.
  • Carter 259 and Kat 320 are the only members of their original squad.
  • Jorge is a heavy weapons specialist.
  • “Skully” now has a name, Emile 239. He’s the silent type of the game.
  • The sniper is called Jun 266. He’s thoughtful and taciturn.
  • We can customise the appearance of the Lone Wolf by a small degree. Awesome.
  • The game is apparently darker than any of the other Halo games, even more so than ODST.
  • Human Insurrectionists are possibly in the game.
  • Bungie have once again made the Covenant more dangerous and frightening, as they were in Halo 1.
  • Covenant soldiers no longer speak English, they speak in their own languages.
  • A new enemy like a Jackal has been introduced, named a “Skirmisher.” They are deadly and cunning enemies that attack in packs, and flank secure positions.
  • Graphics have been improved drastically, as proven by in-magazine comparisons.
  • Elites are back, and are more ferocious than ever.
  • Larger scale combat will be in Reach. Where only 20 AI at a time could be on screen in Halo 3, now over 40 AI and 20 vehicles can be present at a time.
  • Scenes are more cinematic.
  • Noble Team splits up at a point in the story, but it seems they soon get back together.
  • Health Bar is back along with energy shield.
  • Single shot rifle like the Halo 2 E3 demo is in the game, named the Designated Marksman Rifle (DRM)
  • Sniper AR ad Magnum make a return. Gun sounds are more realistic. Read more about Reach weapons here.
  • Needler Rifle is in the game, a mid-range headshot capable weapon.
  • Spike Grenades and Flame Grenades are out. Only frags and plasma remain.
  • Helicopter Transport is called the Falcon.
  • Civilian vehicles are now drivable.
  • Fully stealthy game play is now possible.
  • Assassinations are possible with a knife by holding down the melee button.
  • Sprinting is now possible through an equipment like mechanic.
  • Spirits, the Covenant drop ship in CE, return in Reach, alongside Phantoms.
  • Grunts look a lot more menacing.
  • Motion Tracker seems compressed, like an oval rather than the Halo 3 circle.
  • Hud is yellow rather than blue.
  • Marines look vaguely like Halo 1 marines.
  • Phantoms now have a flashlight, like the one seen in the ODST announcement trailer.
  • Elites seem taller, and are no longer hunched.
  • All features from Halo 3 (Forge, Theatre, Co-op) make a comeback along with several new ones.
  • We will be shown what Reach looks like before it is destroyed. We will see the levels of destruction progress as we get further through the game, implying the game takes place over a longish period of time.


So do you have your copy of ODST[Beta invite included in ODST] ready? Will you be playing the Beta tomorrow? If so leave a comment with your gamertag! The final countdown begins! 🙂