Illimitux – Remove Megavideo Limits


Illimitux extension is a FireFox tool that removes limitations imposed by streaming plateforms as Veoh, MegaUpload or MegaVideo. Its purpose is watching without restriction vides from those platforms. When your are in one of these websites. Illimitux identifie the video and show a little icon in the sideBar of the browser telling you to remove the limitation. Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to our website to view the Full video.

I only found out about this extension recently from a friend and I have to say it makes watching videos online so much handier! Illimitux have recently been displaying a survey on their player asking how much you’d be willing to pay for a private server. At first I thought why would I need a private server this is perfect as it is! But as more people are finding out about Illimitux the “public” free servers seem to overloaded quiet a lot more frequently. Which is really a shame, but raises the question do I want a Megavideo subscription or a Illimitux private server? :S

Check Illimitux out here.

Autoinstalling .Debs on Firefox

Auto install linux
I was trying to use a get .debs website the other day and with alot of fustration of firefox saying “Firefox does not have the correct protocol to open this file [.apt]” I finally figured out that I did not have “apt-url” installed by default on kUbuntu. This can be fixed by simply opening a terminal window and typing:
sudo apt-get install apturl
Then restart firefox [doesn’t matter what version you have]. Go to download another .deb / .apt file and when it asks you what you would like to use to open the file browse to /usr/bin and pick whatever installs your programs! Presto your done! 😉

You can now use sites like, more on tommorrow!