Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

modern warfare 2

I’m a new player to the Call of Duty series, but after playing this game I feel it deserves a review.

To start where everyone starts off, the campaign is rather short, 8 hours or so to be exact and I wouldn’t be the fastest gamer going through levels. However “Spec Ops” [another offline mode] has a set of 23 separate missions which can be played solo or co-op. They are rather fun missions, a few of the co-op only ones have one player trying to cover the ground of a level while the other player protects them in a gunner ship. These side-missions as you say move the length of game-play to about 14-16 hours. This is still short compared to other games however it is longer than the average big name shooter games that come out these days.

The online multi-player is what really makes the game. Even though you spend quiet a lot of time dying you are always right back into action after a very short spawn time. The levelling system is extremely addictive, you always get constant gratification as there is always one more challenge to achieve,  level to reach and weapon to unlock. Of course we can’t forget about the addition of titles and badges, which you get from anything from getting a 3 kill streak to killing someone on a 10 kill streak. Between the titles, weapons and accolades this all makes for an extremely large amount of content to unlock.

All in all it is probably the best shooter I’ve played in a long time. The story is compelling, the game play is fast paced and fun, and the various game modes make it well worth your time and money.